How it works

Socialize customer decision making process

  • 1. Customers Choose Favorites

    Customers 'favorite' items they like and create a collection of items, improving the individual's overall user experience.

  • 2. Items pushed to select friends

    Collections are shared with specific friends/family through social networks allowing customers to chose the best people to get feedback from

  • 3. Friends give Feedback

    Friends and family receive links to each collection and leave comments on items, allowing for stronger purchasing decisions

Send targeted discounts to people who don't buy

  • 1. Customer Favorites products

    Customers favorite items showing interest in a given product

  • 2. Targeted discounts sent to users

    Users who don't buy after given period of item are converted through emailed discount incentives

  • 3. Unsure customer buys

    Potentially lost consumers are converted through smart incentivizing around discounts to products they like

Capture emails of interested customers

  • 1. Customers Favorites

    Customers favorite items showing interest in a given product

  • 2. Customer shows intent of leaving

    Customers moves cursor to the top of the browser showing intent of leaving

  • 3. PopUp save request captures email

    Popup comes up before customer leaves to get them to create an account to save their wishlist items


Convert customers that don’t buy

Send targeted discount emails to customers that favorite items but don’t buy after a given time allows stores to convert more unsure potential buyers.

Your site is center of the universe

As customers send products to friends, they are reminded and pinged through email and social networks about their friends’ comments to continually think about a product and your online store as the place to buy the product.

Sell more to unsure customers

All customers rely on friends and family to help make smarter purchasing decisions in the real world. Our app provides a fast and easy-to-use tool for customers to do the same online.

Increase traffic through social networks

A 2012 study showed that customers sending items to friends generates 10 new potential customers to your site on average. will directly increase your site’s traffic as a result.

Recent statistics show conclusively that customers make purchases because of online conversations with friends:

of consumers use social networks to help make purchasing decisions
of customers are more likely to shop on a site where their friends have purchased or left reviews for products
of consumers visit online retailers because of social sharing
Sources: Gartner 2012 and SocialLabs, 2012

Easy Integration

Embed easly in your code uses a simple javascript snippet that is placed in your <body> tag. Once it's there you will never have to touch it again

Also customize the language and functionality of the widget to your needs.

Example Code
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